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Mother's Day


Mother's Day - culture

Mother's Day is an annual event that takes place at different times of the year To honor mothers, strengthen the bonds between mothers and their children, and the influence mothers have on Society. It is known in many aspects of the family, where children give gifts to their mothers, Mother's Day is celebrated on many different days according to the countries of the world, but Usually it is March, April or May.

Mother's Day dates vary from country to country; for example, in all Arab countries approximately, the first day of spring is when the equinox falls Spring (i.e. March 21), while for Norway, it is celebrated on Sunday February 8, celebrated in South Africa on May <>, In the United States and many developed countries in Europe and East Asia, this Celebration on the second Sunday of May every year.

Origin Mother's Day

The history of Mother's Day dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, who organized many festivals to honor mothers, and the clear pattern of celebrating Mother's Day today is the first Christian holiday of this era, known as Mother's Day. The idea of Mother's Day spread in the UK and parts of Europe after the fourth Sunday, or what is known as Lent, where it is celebrated at the time of the season with flowers and other symbols of gratitude for children given to mothers, and later, the tradition of Mother's Day was associated with American Mother's Day between 30 and 40.

Celebrate Mother's Day

The modern nation has influenced many traditions and ways The celebration that became known on Mother's Day in America. Such as gift-giving and bouquets Flowers for my mother, one of the most important parts of Mother's Day in the United States, and a tradition Family help grandmother with household chores on this day. There are also special aspects To celebrate Mother's Day in some countries. For example, in Ethiopia, tribes gather Various autumn to celebrate a grand ceremony where the audience is invited, people dance dances Traditional for several days to celebrate the body

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