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Harm of alcohol to your health

Harm of alcohol to your health

People may start drinking alcohol for the calming effect and feeling happy And the pleasure it brings, but it does not last long, and soon the eyes of alcohol begin to appear, because Drinking alcohol, even in small amounts, affects physical abilities. and mental health and lead to Many health problems and chronic diseases but affect a person's personality and relationships Social at school or work. Note that alcohol kills 3 million people every year in all around the world, according to WHO statistics.

Not only is alcohol harmful to self-harm through health effects. and exposure to injuries and accidents, but can harm those around them through behavior Violent and reckless that harms them and violates their rights.

Alcohol harms:

There are many harmful effects of alcohol, and here are the most problems that Alcohol-induced.

1. Alcohol damage to the brain

Alcoholics have smaller brains, and alcoholics lose Brain volume faster than male alcoholics.

In addition, alcohol consumption by parents inhibits brain development Children are alcoholics. Including alcohol problems. This fact shows that the damage Alcohol-induced brain can occur not only due to excessive alcohol consumption, but Also due to heredity and ecology.

Drinking too much alcohol can slow down the brain and impair memory and learning and processing skills, but once you stop drinking alcohol, the brain can regain most, If not all, its ability to function properly. Women are exposed to the same evil. effects of drinking alcohol, But women are more affected by the effects of alcohol than men.

2. Alcohol damage to the liver

It should be borne in mind that liver cells cannot regenerate themselves, It can take a long time to grow new cells, and each time the liver works on Get rid of alcohol, many of them die, so drink alcohol for a long time. Can It causes severe damage to the liver and reduces the ability of its cells to regenerate, and consumption is associated with Excessive alcohol increases the risk of disease and liver damage, as well as many Health hazards.

3. Alcohol damage to hair

Excessive alcohol consumption affects the level of zinc in the body, and it is known that zinc deficiency in the body can lead to hair loss and weakness.

Drinking too much alcohol affects estrogen levels, leading to their increase, leading to hair loss. Drinking alcohol affects the levels of certain nutrients that are important for hair health, such as vitamin B and vitamin C.

4. Other Alcohol Harms

Damaged coordination and reaction ability.
Blurred vision.
Heaviness of the tongue.
Loss of consciousness.
Digestive disorders.
Increased risk of pancreatitis and ulcers.
Severe damage to the liver.
Damage to the brain and nervous system.
Confused thinking and amnesia.
Hormonal performance is impaired.
Increased risk of heart disease.
Increased risk of cancer in the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms of heavy alcohol consumption:

Weight loss.
loss Appetite.
Swelling Ankles.
Bleeding Internal.
accumulate Toxins in the brain.
accumulate Fluid in the abdomen.
cancer Liver.
therapy Alcohol-related liver disease

There is currently no specific treatment for alcoholic liver disease, but the treatment may be The main in such cases is to stop drinking, which will prevent further liver damage, In the case of some, liver cells can repair themselves, and in severe cases that it stops. Even after you stop drinking alcohol, a liver exam may be needed.

How to quit alcohol:

If you want to stop drinking, it may not be easy. It can These simple tips will help you stop drinking:

Set yourself real goals and write them down on a piece of paper remembering the reasons, Such as: health problems, social problems, or even financial problems.
Always remember the dangers of alcohol to your health. Start by gradually stopping drinking alcohol. Especially if you are an alcoholic, gradually reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. And treat yourself to alcoholic beverages.
Involve a loved one in your problems to support and encourage you.

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