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General information about boxing Sport

General information about boxing Sport

Boxing is one of the ancient sports that was called Boxing in ancient times, because boxing is based on attack and defense, and became Boxing was a major event at the Olympics in 688 BC, part of the game Fighting. As a result, the battle takes place in an area called the ring, and includes a fighting period, determining Winner of points, or eliminate the enemy.

Boxing Sport History 

Historical records show that boxing has been known since III century BC. Blankets used to protect fighters' hands have been replaced With studded metal gloves, after the fall of the Roman Empire, boxing disappeared for centuries, Then she reappeared in England. In the seventeenth century, boxing at that time was A form of passive combat.

bases Boxing

The rules of boxing consist of three or five rounds, professional battles range from four to fifteen rounds, and the longest known round is twelve. The boxing ring is square, 3.7 meters wide and 6.1 meters long, surrounded by three or four straps on all sides, boxers wear leather gloves that have no finger openings except for the head.

Months World Boxers

Benny Leonard, Roberton Durán and Julio César Chavez are Among the most famous boxers, and the most famous boxers are Muhammad Ali, Joe Lewis and Mike Tyson. Mentions Muhammad Ali is one of the most famous heavyweight boxers. and history.

Benefits Boxing

Increased calorie burning: boxing helps a lot In getting rid of accumulated body fat, burn calories efficiently. Reduce Stress: According to a small study published in Japan, the study found that boxing works like Other exercises in promoting a sense of relaxation, thus improving mood, as they are Help to increase the production of endorphins, which increases the feeling of satisfaction., thus reduce. Pressure. Improves heart health: Boxing helps reduce the risk of heart disease, and Boxing improves cardiovascular health, as research has shown that Boxers are healthy. Reduce blood pressure: Studies have shown that exercises Boxing helps reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, which helps reduce Pressure on blood vessels, so boxing prevents heart attacks and vascular accidents Cerebral hematogenous

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